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Baby Loss Awareness Course

According to the statistics in the UK 1 in 4 pregnancies end up with the loss of a child.  The loss however big or small can make a huge impact on those who are going through it. Grief is such that it is different for everyone.

The aim of this course is to give you more information on the

  • different stages at which baby loss can occur,
  • some of the causes of baby loss and
  • most importantly tools to be able to help you clients with.

Sometimes it may be difficult to know what to say leave alone to know what kind of support to offer. It is so easy to brush everything beneath the carpet however sometimes just naming the baby who has passed away means so much to the bereaved parent.  Therefore this course will equip you with a variety of knowledge to help you provide the space for your clients to hea

This is an online course which will be launched towards the beginning of 2019.   Please contact me on 078 2464 3182 or artymarisa@gmail.com to book a 15mins free clarity call/online session and see how we can work together.