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Knowledge - Experience - Understanding

Amarisa Training Academy

Positivum experientia  – Your positive experience through understanding 

Amarisa Training Academy was created to provide high quality of courses both online and face to face in Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom for existing practitioners.  As we gain experience through interacting with our clients we realise those areas where we need to learn more to offer a better service.  However the most important person here is you.  As a service provider we often forget ourselves and only focus on the receiver.  You cannot pour out of an empty glass.  Therefore Amarisa Training Academy provides courses to help you expand your skill set and support for you as practitioner in your own personal development.

Knowledge applied leads to experience which ultimately leads to understanding.   As your understanding develops, you are in harmony with your strengths and weaknesses. This enables you to be true to yourself and in alignment with nature.  It is only then you feel equipped to help others in the most efficient manner.